Vigilante DAY is May 5th! THIS affects YOU !

If you’re new-ish to Helena, you may not know what Vigilante Day is…

heck, I’ve been here 15+ years and I’m still not sure!

But what we DO know is that between 10am and 2pm it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE

to GET to the studio unless you live within walking distance… SO, Both morning classes will be canceled and instead we will host a Friday 5:30pm Buti class w Adria!

We’ll have some Cinco De Mayo treats afterwards including healthy “Margaritas”!

A great time to catch a Buti class, so I hope you’ll join us!

Buti Canceled TWO Friday’s 12:05

Adria’s 12:05 Buti class will be canceled THIS Friday April 28th and Next Friday May 5th

HOWEVER…. Friday the 5th we will have a Pop-UP 5:30pm Buti class!

Healthy Margaritas afterwards!!!!

come join the fun!

Upcoming Schedule Changes! April/May

Week of April 24th we begin our NEW MORNING SCHEDULE!

Tues/Wed/Thurs 6am – 6:50am w Michele, Deb and Nancy respectively.

Join us for the perfect way to start your day!!!!

Heads up: Virginia will be taking a hiatus for the month of May – Nancy will be covering her Monday 12:05 class.


MamaSlay w Dani… Now EVERY week!

Have little ones and need to start SOMETHING???

Practice with us in the evenings or weekends because you have little ones and no Child Care?

We’ve got ur back! Join us on Tuesday’s at 9:45 for MamaSlay w Dani!

Dani is certified in post partum health and excercise physiology and has put together a great class that will challenge you, give you an opportunity to connect w other mommas AND have your littles with you!

Class size is limited to allow space for all the babes so reservations ARE RECOMMENDED!

sign up at

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What class did you just try that you LOVE?

What teacher really resonates with you?

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New Classes & Class Names – what are they?

This Winter, Michele is back on Monday mornings and is teaching Barkan Standing with some “spice” 🙂 The class is named Classic 28 but you can be sure she’ll spice things up each week!

Nancy has brought TWO new, evolving classes to HYH! Root to Rise and Root to Rise Flow – the former will be a weekly ‘warm up to peak pose’ practice with no chaturanga vinyasa and the Flow version will have vinyasa transitions!

Barkan Method class (Monday evenings at 5:30 and Every other Sat 9am will now be called “Classic 28 Flow” – it is still the same class, but the name is more identifiable with our traditional Hot Yogi friends and visitors!

We hope to see you in the HOT room soon!

click here to grab a reservation for your next few classes!