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Reservations are not required but highly recommended.

The Schedule is subject to change. Please pay attention to our Facebook Page and Instagram for updates. (Last minute subs may not be announced)

SOME of our classes will continue to be offered on Zoom.  Sign up for those classes prior to 1/2 hour ahead of time – CLICK HERE!  *if there is no one signed up for Zoom, the instructor will not begin the zoom ‘meeting’.

All levels are WELCOME – modifications are offered for most postures and students are encouraged to take breaks when they need to, listen to their own bodies, honor their own specific needs and most of all….. HAVE FUN!  Watch your body change, feel more energy and peace than ever before, and experience the exhilaration that Hot Yoga Helena has to offer.


PLEASE NOTE…Weekly schedule is subject to change.
please see our main Facebook page for updates.

9am  Strong Body LIFT w Nancy
12:05pm – 12:55pm      Vinyasa w Virginia
6pm – 7pm Buti w Adria OR  6pm – 7:30pm Classic Flow w Nicky


6:00am – 6:50am         Evolve w Michele
12:05pm -12:55pm      Prana Vinyasa w Deb
6:00pm – 7:15pm         Gentle Flow &Kriya w Jill or Yin w Nancy


6:00am – 6:50am      Prana Vinyasa w Deb
9am – 10am              Class Rotation w Nicky (check the signup for details)


6am – 6:50am          Power Flow w Amy
12:05 -12:55pm       Baptiste/Iron Yoga w Nancy
6:00pm – 7:15pm     Baptiste w Bob


9am – 10am             Classis28 / Lunges n Twists w Nicky
12:05 – 12:55pm       Buti w Adria
5:30pm or later…      Friday Specials!
(check the sign up for details)


9am – 10:30am    Power Class Rotation (check sign up)
12pm – 1pm Strong Body LIFT w Nancy or Dani

*Fundamentals/ Intro to HYH
Check the Schedule, or, put in a request at hotyogahelena@gmail.com


9am – 10:30am         Barkan Method Vinyasa w Michele
5:30pm – 6:50pm      SomaticeRelease/Yin + Nidra w Nicky or Nancy

*Sunday/Monday classes canceled on Holiday Weekends
(check the sign up for details)

Classic 28 Flow (Barkan Method) / Barkan Vinyasa / BALANCE

• 90 minute Classic 28 Flow’s (Barkan Method) classes have it ALL! These classes offer a vinyasa warmup, balancing and compression postures followed 35 minutes of core work, spine twisting and hip openers with a variety of floor postures each class.  Created by Jimmy Barkan this method and sequencing is similar to Traditional Bikram Yoga, but BETTER! (and far better FOR you with specfic attention to correct alignment for your neck, back and knees)

• Barkan Vinyasa is a series of 5 Vinyasa flows from the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga, balance and floor work. Intermediate level… and SWEATY!

• Classic 28 is a shorter combo of Barkan Method… taught in a quick flow… 25-30 minutes standing and 25 -30 minutes floor…work and stretch EVERY inch of your body in this head to toe practice! If you’re a Bikram practitioner, this sequence will make you HAPPY, as well as our BALANCE class – two of every classic hot balancing poses and the extras and alignment from the Barkan Method.

These classes are taught by Nicky and Michele and heated to at or below body temp…94-99 degrees.

Buti™ / Booty Kicker Barre™ / Inferno Hot Pilates™

Buti Yoga is a practice developed by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold… it is a heart pumping, soul stirring practice based on tribal dance and sacred spiral, core movement. Each class is different.  Bring an open mind and heart and let our Buti guides do the rest! Our Buti™ certified instructors are: Dani, Tyrel and Adria.
*The room is cooled down, but still warm – **IMPORTANT Please have healthy KNEES and Back – or be able to self modify as there IS IMPACT.

Our HOT Booty Kicker Barre class is taught by Lisa Reynolds of Dallas, Texas. She is the BEST OF THE BEST! You will not even care that she’s not in the room because her music and her larger than life personality make you forget how much pain your in while she’s guiding you through tough, FULL body toning routines that change weekly along with your derriere! 😉   THIS CLASS REQUIRES a reservation for IN STUDIO participation as each and every student has their OWN Barre! This is appropriate for ALL Levels and is heated  between 88-92 degrees.

Inferno Hot Pilates™ w Ethan – You want to FEEL your core!? This class is your next workout addiction! Inferno Hot Pilates is high-intensity interval training using Pilates mat principles. This music-driven, fun class works the whole body and yields fast results.  Ethan is a fun, motivating and PRESENT instructor that will meet the needs of the most tentative beginner or injury prone student, to our “beast mode” athletes!

*Class is heated to 95F.

SomaticRelease / Yin / Nidra

• Yin is a VERY SLOW Flow, mostly floor LOOOOONG HOLDS and Restorative poses, compression, traction and massage elements meant to allow your body to fully express each pose at its deepest level. Like a Yoga class and Spa treatment combined! Yin is usually guided by Michele or Nancy, but is subbed by Deb and Nicky occasionally.

• Nidra is a 20 minute guided meditation that is meant to put your mind and body into a non-sleep deep rest and is touted by experts as being essential for overall brain and body health!

• SomaticRELAESE with Nicky is exploring Somatic release techniques to train your brain to release those tight areas you’ve been holding on to for far too long! The experience in these classes is PROFOUND and is not only accessible to ANY BODY and all levels, but recommended for ALL practitioners!

*The heat for these classes is set to slightly higher than body temp, about 105 degrees, and you will LOVE every second of it!


Based on the sequencing of Baron Baptiste and The Baptiste Yoga™ practice.  “This practice supports you to raise your vitality and physical power and empower you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence. It will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life”. Bob, Nancy and Courtney allow YOU to create all the extras within your mat, mind and heart space – this is a Moderate to Advanced practice but as always, attainable for beginners because we allow for modifications and breaks ANY time!

*this practice is taught by Nancy and Bob, subbed by Ethan and heated to 94-99 degrees

Prana Vinyasa Flow

This class is based on Shiva Rea’s Mandala Vinyasa Flow! Deb Halliday is our guide for this special and unique practice which is accessible to all levels but will also get you long time practitioners out of your comfort zone.  PAY ATTENTION, your Chakra Energy will be vibing you all day after this flowing, beautiful, sacred class! Basic knowledge of vinyasa flow is helpful when starting this practice.

*specifically instructed by Deb and heated to about 95 degrees.

Root to Rise / Lunges&Twists / IronYoga™/ NamaSlay and MAMA Slay

Root to Rise is a ‘warm up to peak pose’ class without traditional vinyasa flow transition – GREAT for beginners AND a challenge for established students as it creates heat and energy through longer holds and repetition. The FLOW version of this class will have Chaturanga Vinyasa transtions but will always be available to be modified through a ‘no wrist’ transition if needed…

•  Iron Yoga™ = Asana + Weights (light) + BREATH – this class is like NOTHING you’ve ever experienced! (NOT Yoga pump)
Open for all levels but also challenging for even the most experienced Yogis as we have hand weights ranging from 1lb to 18lbs!

* Nancy is your exclusive guide for R2R and Iron Yoga™and the room is heated to between 96-102 degrees.

•  LnT – This is a FUN and FAST class created and taught by Nicky!  Half Vinyasa and half Floor with an emphasis on deep, yet dynamic lunges and spine twists. SOOOOO good for you! Explore poses not usually practiced like “Bound Tree” and “Compass” pose. Hot but doable and so fun you won’t even notice how sweaty you get!

• NamaSlay is our version of HIIT class. FUN, Challenging and yes, you will be sore for a couple days!!! This class is not currently on our schedule but look for it as a subbed in class. Instructed by Adria, Ethan or Nancy. MamaSlay is HIIT w Dani (and her twin baby boys) and will guide you to a great workout with extra attention to core and post-partum alignment and SAFETY! Bring the kiddos IN the room or let the older ones enjoy a movie in the lobby.

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